Live Indian Cooking at the Masala Art Spice Bar!

masala art spice bar cuisine

Introducing a Fresh New Aspect of Fine Indian Dining –The Masala Art Spice Bar In addition to our traditional a la carte menu, Masala Art also offers a prix fixe dinner menu at our exclusive nine-seat Masala Art Spice Bar.

At the Spice Bar, our chef treats each guest to a special journey through Indian cuisine as he explains the blend of spices and the precise ingredients being used along with the culinary significance relating to your health.

Beginning by roasting whole spices and grinding them, the chef will tantalize you with the both the fragrance and flavor of Indian spices. Not only will our chef demonstrate his unique culinary skills on the tawa (a traditional cast iron griddle), but he will discuss and explain every step with guests, making your dining experience at his private stage an adventure befitting an Indian king.

The entire dining experience at the Spice Bar is one that will take each guest to India through sight, sound, and taste. The Spice Bar offers choices of vegetarian, non-vegetarian, and seafood preparations. Each option includes three appetizers, three main course items, bread, rice, and condiments. Guests can also participate in an optional wine tasting, which showcases a different selection of wine specific to each course.

At the Masala Art Spice Bar, our chef can alter the level of spice to suit your culinary preferences. The Spice Bar experience is available seven nights a week. There is a four guest minimum reservation requirement, and either a 6:00 p.m. or an 8:00 p.m. session must be booked. Dinner typically lasts about two hours. Reservations are required, so contact us today to experience a taste of India!

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