“What’s going on here? A cluster of food excellence perhaps? Who knows, but I envy the folks who live in Needham.”
-The Restaurant Review
“Masala Art is hip Indian eatery known for its incredible spice library and full flavored clay oven dishes. For an unparalleled dining experience, sit at the spice bar and dig into a multi-course adventure cooked before your eyes.”
-The Phantom Gourmet
“Vinod and Shikha Kapoor have brought a little bit of spice to Needham Center.”
-The Needham Times
“The Kapoors are trendsetters in business, in life and in the kitchen.”
-The Needham Patch
“…the best naan we’ve had this side of Bombay”
-Boston Magazine
“When the history of Boston dining is written, Vinod and Shikha Kapoor will be prominently mentioned. The couple was instrumental in the popularization of Indian food in the Hub.”
-The Boston Herald
“This is a tribute to almost 30 years of effort by the Kapoor family”
-The Boston Phoenix
“A delicious education”
“Welcome to the “spice bar” at Masala Art, the latest, and perhaps most ambitious, venture of Bombay Club owners Vinod and Shikha Kapoor”
-Indian New England
-Boston Globe
“Your own personal Indian chef may seem out of reach. But the delectable experience is easily attainable at Masala Art, the brainchild of Vinod and Shikha Kapoor…”
-Boston Magazine