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Indian Weddings

Indian weddings can be very extensive and grand celebrations. There are often three or four individual events, and some traditions can have more than a dozen separate events. All of this leads up to the union of not only the bride and groom, but also their families. As such, many meals are shared between these families and the guest count can easily number into the hundreds. One option is to try cooking for all those people in your own kitchen, or you could hire a catering service. Just be sure the caterer serves the best Indian food using only traditional Indian spices that will match with the tradition of the wedding ceremony you are planning.

Wedding Catering

Open the phone book and you will find dozens of wedding catering services throughout New England. However, you’re not just looking for any wedding caterer, you need someone that can prepare traditional Indian cuisine. Additionally, you need to find someone that has a reputation for preparing the best Indian food. Basically, you’re looking for the best Indian cuisine in the Greater Boston area.

Best Indian Cuisine

Now that you’ve narrowed your search down to only Indian catering services, it’s time to see who has a restaurant in the area. This is a good indication that the caterer will prepare excellent Indian food. Caterers that do not have a local restaurant may or may not be able to deliver a quality product. Having a local restaurant shows the caterer consistently prepares great dishes and it give you a chance to try their cuisine before you hire them to cater such an important event. While you are tasting their food, you can also ensure they prepare authentic dishes using traditional Indian spices. There’s only one place in Greater Boston that consistently delivers high quality authentic Indian food using traditional spices. That is Masala Art.

Masala Art Indian Cuisine

You’ll find the best option in Boston is the contemporary Indian restaurant & bar, Masala Art. Masala Art, owned by Shakila & Vinod Kapoor, has been delighting the people of Suburban Boston with the spices of India for many years. With 33 years of experience, the Kapoor family’s expertise in Indian food catering is an extension of the great food and service provided in the restaurant. With glowing reviews from The Boston Globe, Needham Times, The Needham Patch and, it’s easy to see why so many people say Masala Art offers the best Indian food in Boston.


Indian Wedding Catering