Indian Tapas

Sweet Potato Fries*
Homemade sweet potato fries dusted with chaat masala 4.50

Lamb Burger Sliders 
Two juicy spiced lamb patties served on mini buns; served with sweet potato fries 10.

Chicken Tikka Satay (New!) Gluten Free!
Flat white meat chicken marinated in yogurt and spices grilled on skewers; served with mint and tamarind chutneys 9.

Paneer Makai Seekh Kebab* (New!) Gluten Free!
Minced homemade cheese and seasoned corn kernels skewered and grilled over a charcoal flame 10.

Chicken Tikka Lettuce Wraps (New!) Gluten Free!
Sliced tandoori grilled Chicken Tikka, carrots, cucumber strips, and lettuce leaves, served with three delicious homemade sauces – Tamarind, Mint and Sweet Red Chili 11.


Tandoori Chicken Wings Gluten Free!
Juicy char-grilled chicken wings marinated in yogurt and our homemade blend of spices 9.

Chicken Pakoras
Delicately spiced tasty chicken strips 8.

Shrimp Til Tinka 
A Masala Art favorite! Crispy shrimp, coated with sesame seeds and a spiced soy and mustard sauce 11.

Chicken Kali Mirch (New!) Gluten Free!
Sautéed white meat chicken marinated in yogurt simmered in a light sauce with whole peppercorns 10.

Rosemary Naan Bruschetta (New!)
Homemade leavened bread infused with rosemary and topped with olives, feta cheese and crushed red pepper flakes 6.